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Warnings: BDSM
Discovery: Mugged by a mystery man in a dark Hollywood alley, Seth discovers a secret kink. Now he wants to meet his mystery man again... and he'll give him more than his wallet.
Prelude: Jeffrey met Mark in an internet chat room. But even though they've just met, Mark seems to know just what Jeffrey needs. Whips, chains, hot sex and maybe... love?


Excerpt from Discovery:

"Shut the fuck up," the man said, pushing Seth against the wall. Seth struggled briefly until he felt how strong his attacker was. He stilled, heart pounding, and suddenly he realized something else.
He was hard as a rock. This confused him so totally that he completely forgot that he was being mugged for a moment.
Yes, he liked men, and his attacker was strikingly attractive in a stark, cold sort of way. But his life was in peril right now. Sex should be the last thing on his mind. Yet he was completely, disgustingly aroused.
His face pressed against the cold brick, and he tasted his own blood on his lip. He whimpered but it wasn't from the pain. Then he felt a hand in his back pocket, and his cock gave a lurch. "Oh shit," he panted, and without thinking he pressed his ass back. He was a hairsbreadth away from coming in his pants. But the man only withdrew his wallet, though Seth sorely wished that hand would linger, perhaps grope him roughly. It wouldn't take much at this point.

Prelude Excerpt:

"Hello, this is Mark," a nice, sexy male voice answered.
"Hi," Jeffrey said, his own voice soft and breathy to his own ears.
"This is Jeffrey. I think you were waiting to hear some begging?"
"Yeah. Do your best. Tell me what you want me to do to you, pretty boy." His voice was a growl.
Mark's voice sent a shiver through him. He didn't do casual hookups like this, but his friends did all the time. He wanted it so badly just then. Hot, rough sex with a dominant man who would control him. He took a deep breath and said quietly, "I want you to beat me and humiliate me and rape me and treat me like a dirty little whore. And then I want you to hold me and tell me I'm a good boy and kiss me sweetly. But most of all, I want you to give me your address."
Mark was silent for a moment. "Beg for it," he finally said, his voice low and full of lust.
"Please, Mark. I really want to see you. I'm so hard. I need your cock. Please?" he said, nearly whimpering.
"I want you to unzip your pants and pull out your cock."
Jeffrey gasped. "Okay." He unbuttoned and unzipped his tight jeans. It was a relief, and he gently pulled out his cock with a quiet moan.
"Okay, I'm sitting here at my desk with my jeans open and my fingers wrapped around my cock."
"Are you very hard for me, my little whore?" Mark purred.
Jeffrey panted into the phone now. "Oh god, yes. So hard. Need you so fucking bad. I swear I'll do whatever you tell me to do."